The job of a nurse.

The occupation of nurse practitioners mainly focuses on providing universal care to patients of all ages. They need to deal with their patients with compassion and kindness. One can say that the job of a nurse requires a good moral character and patience. The job is not much of a physical work as it is of a mental one. They are rarely ay jobs in the world today, which require people to  be kind and patient, nursing is a different occupation in its own, a practitioner salary is on a totally different level from that of a certified nurse. On the lines of a community worker or counselor, but also equipped with medical knowledge. One can hardly see a nurse which is rude and angry, to their patients in the least.

Nursing has various different opportunities and different specializations in themselves. Though performing an almost similar job, the focus of each job is a different genre and a totally different story in its own. A neonatal nurse, for example, deals with newborn babies and takes care of them. Everything from feeding them to placing them in the incubator, the nurse deals with every single detail. They also deal with complicated cases such as premature babies. This is a very big responsibility on them to deal with newborns with someone else, and thus require utmost perfection. And hence a neonatal nurse salary is expectedly high.

A certified nursing assistant or a CNA, assists people in their day to day life. They work individually or work with institutions or hospitals. These nurses are also more often seen in old age homes, where a person requires the assistance of someone to do basic activities such as walking, eating and sleeping. They also take care of the physical and mental health of the patients, and be a guiding support to them. There are many places that provide these courses and the Certified nursing assistant salary is also quite satisfactory.

This is also one job that is gaining popularity among people. In the previous times nursing jobs were always associated with a woman, but now one can see an active participation from the male community too.