The role of the surgical technician

The surgical technicians are mostly engaged in helping the surgeon with the operating process. They work with the surgeon as anesthesia provider or just an extra hand and a member of the direct patient care team during surgery. In most of the cases, they are joined by a professional registered nurse to ensure that the process runs smoothly. They are useful in the following areas:

      They are scrub persons –the surgical technician is in charge of the clothing used in the process of surgery. These are either usually washed by the surgical technician through a designated sterilization process. They replace the said clothing with new ones if need be.

      They act as the sterile person-it is the surgical technician who is in charge of most of the surgical implements and sterilizers. It is him who hands the surgeon the instruments during an operation which makes the surgeons work more convenient.

      They play the role of a circulating person – the technician is the non-sterile person who is responsible for assisting the anesthesia provider and making sure the sterile team has all instruments and supplies they require.

      They act as surgical assistants – the technician is the person who assists the surgeon during the operation by retracting tissue and cutting sutures. In this process, they help hold very vital implements and this is important in making the work move smoothly.

      Surgical technologists assist by preparing and handling supplies and equipment to maintain a safe and therapeutic environment for the patient through specific techniques and practices designed to exclude all pathogenic microorganisms from the operative wound. This is one of the key roles they play in the surgical process.

      Surgical technologists will also prepare patients for procedures by sterilizing incision sites, which is critical in helping, prepare the patient for the surgeon to proceed with the work. This also is a clear testament of the level of knowledge they have.

The surgical technician therefore plays the pivotal role in the process of surgery; they are however some of the less mentioned members of the team in times of surgical success. It is prudent if more recognition was given to this al important area.


Importance of the advanced care paramedics

Importance of the advanced care paramedics

The area of advanced care paramedic practice is critical area. This is because this is one of the most sought about healthcare provision area which helps most patients in distress. Their importance can be enumerated as such;

Provision of ground ambulance services-the advanced medical paramedics are known to operate ambulances which are critical in reaching out to the patient in distress. This may be accidents, domestic violence cases, child abuse cases or cases of physical and mental trauma which require emergency help. The ambulances are found to be capable of accessing the areas where reach ability can be a problem.

Help in industrial first aid-chemical poisoning is a very rampant problem which has led to deaths of most industrial worker, this is usually coupled with industrial; fires which has been critical. The emergency medical technicians are tasked with the provision of timely care and assistance to the industries.

In the recreation and sports facilities-advanced paramedics are key in the safety of the users of facilities like swimming pools. These pools and other facilities are usually found to experience cases of accidents and drowning. The resuscitation of drowned patients requires skilled hands and that is where the paramedics help.

In the area of emergency medical education-disease outbreaks and spread the world over is found to be well taken care of through the use of emergency educational skits meant to sensitize the population on the risks.

In the area of medical supply sales-the advanced paramedics are known to be one of the people instrumental in the sales area in most pharmaceutical provider services. This is because of their knowledge in the usage and functioning of the diverse drugs.

In the emergency departments-the emergency departments of the different government department. This includes the fire department and the rescue departments.

In the areas of air ambulance-organizations like the art and the other s employ the use of the advanced paramedics as key personnel.

The several diverse areas needing the use of the advanced medical paramedics clearly show how they are important. The work is however not as smooth and has some risks to go with.


What are the benefits of dermatopathologists?

What are the benefits of dermatopathologists?

Because the Dermatopathologists concern themselves directly with the diagnosis of ailments related to the skin. They sometimes make the work of the Dermatologists to be quite easier. In most hospital setups, the Dermatopathoplogists are utilized because of their:

      Highly expertise levels-the area is found to of high expertise levels compared to the other area of dermatology. They are well trained experts who go about unraveling the problem to do with the several strands of skin diseases. While the Dermatologists usually use the physical nature of the skin disease, the Dermatopathiologists can analyze and reach the chemical part of the disease diagnosis.

      Service delivery-the Dermatopathologists are known to offer superb services that are tailored towards the satisfaction of the client. This endears them to the several patients who visit them to be able to unravel the mystery surrounding the existence of several diseases on their skin. Most Dermatopathologists are regarded to provide round the clock services which have made them more patients oriented.

      Use of technology in diagnosis-the area of dematopathologist is the most technology oriented in terms of the use of innovation to be able to diagnose skin disease. It has in fact been a trend globally that most areas are adopting the use of technology. None of the areas in dermatology has succeeded better than the area of dermatopathology which has in turn increased their efficiency.

      Manner of tests-the tests conducted by the Dermatopathologists are found to be more precise and unlike the dermatologist who mostly diagnose by observation. The use of the biopsies, for instance, makes the Dermatopathologist work more pronounced and has made the cell being the basis for the diagnosis. The cell therefore gives very up to date diagnosis.


      Nature of the reports-looking at the manner of reporting used in the area of dermatopathology compared to dermatology, it is clear that the area has made better strides in making the other medical physicians to be capable to have better researched diagnostic reports. Their reports are better than the general dermatology because it is cell based while the former is made from the eye observation of the patient.


The benefits of the Dermatopathologists clearly point out top the manner of the training the physicians receive before being certified to practice.

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy detection-sonographic breakthrough

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy detection-sonographic breakthrough

Certain patients have been found to have a strange thickening of the whole heart .this condition is known as Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Naturally, one part of the heart is thick to enable it pump blood. The thickening of the whole heart makes it hard for the blood pumping mechanism. This is usually a very complex condition to diagnose and treat.

The genetic component of the disease makes it to be most often passed down through families. It is thought to result from defects in the genes that control heart muscle growth. This is one reason why it becomes complex at times.

The disease prevalence is seen to be seen on younger people who are likely to have a more severe form of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. This however this is not meant to construe that the elderly are left behind; they are equally vulnerable provided one has the traits for the disease occurrence.

The disease is found to be usually hidden and gives no signs at all. However, in most people, the most visible signs will be the fainting spells and the sudden collapses and possible death. This can be caused by highly abnormal heart rhythms. It may also be due to a blockage that prevents the outflow of blood from the heart to the rest of the body.

Other notable signs seen on most of the disease patients included, Chest pain from the swollen heart giving pressure to the chest cavity, Dizziness, Fainting, especially during exercise, Fatigue, Light-headedness mainly caused by short supply of blood to the brain, especially with or after activity or exercise, Sensation of feeling the heart beat and Shortness of breath with activity or after lying down.

The use of sonography to detect this condition has really made the disease treatment to be very simple. The manner of early detection and the proper follow up of the doctors instruction has been found to be the key factor in the disease treatment.

The disease has been able to earn a lot of praise for the sonographic practice with Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy cited in most cases as areas where the sonographers have succeeded in the improvement of healthcare.




The job of a nurse.

The occupation of nurse practitioners mainly focuses on providing universal care to patients of all ages. They need to deal with their patients with compassion and kindness. One can say that the job of a nurse requires a good moral character and patience. The job is not much of a physical work as it is of a mental one. They are rarely ay jobs in the world today, which require people to  be kind and patient, nursing is a different occupation in its own, a practitioner salary is on a totally different level from that of a certified nurse. On the lines of a community worker or counselor, but also equipped with medical knowledge. One can hardly see a nurse which is rude and angry, to their patients in the least.

Nursing has various different opportunities and different specializations in themselves. Though performing an almost similar job, the focus of each job is a different genre and a totally different story in its own. A neonatal nurse, for example, deals with newborn babies and takes care of them. Everything from feeding them to placing them in the incubator, the nurse deals with every single detail. They also deal with complicated cases such as premature babies. This is a very big responsibility on them to deal with newborns with someone else, and thus require utmost perfection. And hence a neonatal nurse salary is expectedly high.

A certified nursing assistant or a CNA, assists people in their day to day life. They work individually or work with institutions or hospitals. These nurses are also more often seen in old age homes, where a person requires the assistance of someone to do basic activities such as walking, eating and sleeping. They also take care of the physical and mental health of the patients, and be a guiding support to them. There are many places that provide these courses and the Certified nursing assistant salary is also quite satisfactory.

This is also one job that is gaining popularity among people. In the previous times nursing jobs were always associated with a woman, but now one can see an active participation from the male community too.